Church Membership Part 2


Before we talk about good reasons to become a member of a church, I thought it good to talk about possible wrong reasons.

1. Because you think that membership in a local church guarantees a place in heaven.

When Jesus was asked about what is required to have eternal life, he did not say, “join a local church.” To have eternal life, we must turn from our sins and put our faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of our lives. Church membership is a great step after you’ve come to Christ, but it’s not the way to heaven.

2. Because it’s a resume enhancer.

I’ve had people want to join a church because their job or the college or scholarship committee required that. That's insincere at best. 

3. Because it’s a family tradition.

There’s the old story about the woman who always cut the end off her roast before baking it, and her daughter asked why. When she tried to track down why, she asked her mother, who then asked her mother. It turned out, her roast pan was very small and she did that so the roast would fit. Funny how things become traditions. It’s what we do. It’s expected. Good people like us are upstanding church members. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a nice tradition but not the right reason for joining a church.

4. Because you want to vote and help steer the direction of the church.

I doubt anyone here ever joined a church for precisely that reason, but it would be a really dumb reason to join the church. Voting a pastor in or out, or casting a vote for a building program isn’t that much fun. 

5. Because you are a joiner and you just like to feel part of something.

Feeling part of a group is a great feeling that we need as human beings. Some people love that esprit de corps. 

6. A loved one is a member, so want to be part of what they are part of. In Big Fat Greek Wedding the man who was marrying into the family converted to Greek Orthodox so he could marry his fiance. That may be romantic, but it’s still not a biblically sound reason to join a church.