Grace Community Church’s Values/Distinctives




Core Values—theologically central and intentional but not necessarily unique to Grace Community Church.

1.God's Glory--our highest aim and greatest joy.
2.God's Gospel in Christ--our passion, power, and pursuit.
3.God's Word--our authority that we preach and teach with depth.
4.God's Sovereignty--our biblical assumption.

Defining Distinctive Values—more unique to us but intentional and vital to who we are. These may make us distinct from others.

5.Integrity--Doing the right thing when it hurts.
6.Impartiality--purpose-driven not based on relational preferences.
7. Connecting--emphasis on developing life-on-life relationships.
8. In essentials unity, in nonessentials charity, in all things, Christ.
9.Balanced pursuit of both love and truth.
10.Substance over style
12. Strong elder board and the trust of the congregation.

Ministry Values—ministries that we value highly and budget most deeply to achieve.

13. Children ministry and youth
14. ABF—we budget for the ability to have those mini-congregations within our facility.
15.Vibrant high quality inspiring theologically sound worship
16. Deliberate strategic mission emphasis
17. Great Bend connection—involvement

Incidental but Entrenched Values—culturally who we are. Less core, but change in these would be disruptive.

18. Debt-free stewardship
19. Pride in our utilitarian approach—not flashy
20. Flexibility
21. Punctuality

Aspirational Values—values we recognize as biblically important, but where we are working toward greater fulfillment.

22. Evangelism--we see headway in this.
23. Prayer—we are growing in this.
24. Pastoral care and follow-up—we have recently put more of this onto the elder board as a whole.