Community Outreach at Grace



In what ways does the church exist for the world? We are first, and foremost a community of faith. We exist as a community with and for one another as the body of Christ. Through the gospel, as the redeemed, we are to be a holy people unto God, zealous for good works. (Tit. 2:14 ESV)

We exist for one another; we exist for the praise of God; we exist to be a base from which the world hears and responds to the gospel. We exist to fulfill the great commission.

But, we also exist for the world in a different sense. Our first desire and duty is to love the lost and win them to Christ, but we are also to show the world tangible acts of kindness. "So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith." (Gal. 6:10 ESV) Like the good Samaritan, we should make the opportunity not only to tell the gospel to all but to be kind in simple, effective and profound ways.

I'm not tooting our horn, but I want to talk about some of the ways we have connected with the local community here in Great Bend. I believe that it goes well beyond any formal activities we've done intentionally as a church. The church dispersed has a good impact on the community like salt and light. But what are some of the strategic, collective ways we've had an impact? Here is nice even dozen.

1. Benevolence aid

2. Facebook Page "Needs for Grace" (giving to specific needs)

3. Care Portal (an organization that targets local needs that arise)

4. Mentoring (five so far)

5. Hurricane Work Team


7. Lamb's Gate Preschool

8. Voting Location and a location for various other non-profits to meet.

9. Food Bank Collection

10. Family Crisis Donations

11. Gideons

12. Support we've given in the local Flatlander Race

Could we do more? Always! But, for a church our size, we may be doing a lot more than you realize.