CCB Tutorial Videos


Have you heard about Church Community Builder (CCB)? CCB is like a private social networking site just for our church. But more than that, it’s also where we manage all of our administrative details like the church calendar and online giving.

We would like to encourage everyone to log in to CCB and get familiar with it. In the near future we’ll be pushing more and more functionality to CCB, so we made up some tutorial videos that should help you get started. Hope you find these useful!

CCB First-Time Login

If you’ve never logged in to CCB, start here. This will show you how to sign up and create your login password.

CCB Walkthrough

A quick walkthrough of the main features of the CCB software.

Online Giving Tutorial

There are multiple ways to give to Grace Community Church. One of those is through our “Online Giving” options. This video shows you how to use the online giving function of our website.